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Artist Statement

My work is rooted in an emotional, spiritual and physical engagement with the land, drawing on direct experiences and observations in the wilderness landscape and my immediate rural environment - specifically bark, rock, roots and water.

I am most significantly motivated and inspired by texture and integrating textile elements into my paintings, and seek to construct surfaces that are evocative of the patterning and texture intrinsic to the vast realm of organic matter - growth, decay, erosion - visible and invisible structures that transcend scale and speak to the inner dynamics of the natural world.

The vibrant abstract paintings are multilayered, starting with a mixed media ground of various materials on wood panels. The complex surface and illusionistic depth is created through applying multiple layers of opaque and translucent color, incorporating multiple techniques, embracing the materiality of the medium and allowing the process and intuition to create a pictoral depth that is luminous, sensual and tactile.